About Us

In 1989 Johnnie Johnson and Rick Guthrie formed a partnership and started Orion Business Forms, with one press and two employees. Our main focus was to produce 7” continuous checks and forms. As the request for different size forms continued, we purchased a variable size press which expanded our capabilities. Orion was then able to produce 8 ½” , 11” and 14” forms and checks.

By 1993, the demand from our customers had remarkably increased production. In turn, requiring Orion to purchase three more presses and hiring more employees. Due to limited spacing, Orion had reached it’s maximum capacity. 

Needing more room for expansion, we began looking for our new location.

Land was purchased in Pflugerville, Texas, where a 17,500 square feet warehouse was built. Upon completion in December 1996, Orion relocated, to our current location. This move allowed us to add our 4th press and a snap collator to our increasing product line.

Now we do a little bit of everything. From 7” checks, to laser checks, 11” continuous forms, to 4” continuous utility bills. 8 ½” snaps, to laser cut sheets, wrap-around books, to fan-apart sets.