Continuous     Laser     On Demand


Checks are one of Orion’s specialties. We pride ourselves in guaranteeing the satisfaction and security that you and your customers deserve. With our capabilities, we are able to produce a variety of continuous and laser checks. 

Standard check stocks consist of 24#  Micr Bond for one part checks and 26# NCR for multiple part checks. Horizontal perforations can be produced at 3 1/2" and 7” or 3 2/3” on lasers checks.

Safety check stock is also available and has many security features including: Micro-printing, Void Pantographs, Bleed-Through Offline Arabic & Micr Numbering as well as Standard Endorsement Backers.

Orion also offers On Demand checks. These checks are printed on a laser printer with micr ink numbering and are formatted for custom software such as Quick Books or Peachtree.

Our On Demand stock includes many safety features (see listed below), and also offers a variety of marble colored stock, including Blue, Green, Burgandy, and Gold.

Checks can be formatted with check on top, bottom, or in the middle to accommodate your software. These checks are used for small runs and can be turned quickly.